In an ideal world, everyone would have a personal trainer for every session. At Fit Performance we strive to give our clients independence and confidence, but there is always that little something that a qualified, experienced coach could contribute. The reasons people come to us for private sessions include:

• Knowledge and Programme Design
• Intensity and Encouragement
• Experience and Specialist Qualifications
• Accountability!

However, in the modern age of hectic lifestyles and restricted budgets, not everyone can afford a personal training session every time they train. The good news is, there is a cheaper way to get more contact time with our qualified staff.

Group strength training offers the sociable training atmosphere you get with many other group workouts, but without the blaring techno or bright spandex. Upto five members at a time can turn up to the class and either ask to focus on something specific or run through their pre-existing programmes. This means you don’t have to sacrifice your schedule in order to get the benefits.

Many of our group members are those who have a programme from their gold or silver PT session, but need that extra consistency and coaching to get them through the week. Let’s say during your last PT session you focussed on your squats and bench press. Great! But now your deadlift needs some tweaking, or you’ve forgotten what some of your assistance exercises were. Or maybe you want to check that you’re implementing the changes to your technique as you were instructed. Weightlifters are also welcome!

At £10 an hour, you’ll get the guidance and expertise of one of our coaches, plus the encouragement and friendly rivalry of the other participants, for a quarter of the price. All we ask is that you share the coach with everyone else!


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