At Fit Performance, we are known for using a wide range of techniques, training modalities and methods to reach your true potential. When it comes to achieving results, we only use the things that work. These include;

  • 5 Olympic Lifting Platforms, Power Racks and squat stands
  • Strongman equipment (Farmers Walks, Sled, Tyre, Sledge Hammer etc)
  • Dumbbells up to 50kg
  • Assault Bike
  • Medicine and Slam Balls
  • Kettlebells up to 28kg
  • Adjustable benches
  • Leg Press
  • Rower
  • Leg extension / leg curl
  • Cable pulley system and more…
  • IPF and IWF approved barbells (male and female), plates, squat rack and bench press


Strength and conditioning services/personal training

Contact Aaron 07595 916263 (Feel free to text or leave voicemail.) All of these are available to both members and non members.

Rehabilitation/Sports Injuries/Massage

Contact Steph 07976 127895 (Feel free to text or leave voicemail.) All of these are available to both members and non members.

What our members say

I found the best sports therapist in Essex. Have helped me a lot.
Jason Hyatt
Just had my first Ever PT session with Aaron Bolton at Fit Performance and loved it! As a complete novice I was made to feel at ease straight away and everyone I met was friendly with not a pumped up meat head in sight! Thanks Aaron for a great start to the new year.
Sam Champion
I strongly recommend this gym to anyone doing any sort of weightlifting. Aaron and the pts will assist and guide you no matter what your goals are, a friendly coffee and a chat come free, and Steph is always on hand should you overdo it.
Clare Hodgson
Awesome place to train. Everyone is encouraging and really dedicated but they also know how to have a laugh!
Rachel Beckford
Brilliant no-nonsense gym for serious trainers. Great equipment, great atmosphere and great support from Aaron, Steph and the gym's members.
Adam Williams
A comfortable place to train, everyone is friendly, nice and not judgemental. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone :). Thanks for making me feel so welcome.
Samantha Bunker

Opening Hours:

Monday: 07.00-21.00
Tuesday: 07.00-21.00
Wednesday: 07.00-21.00
Thursday: 07.00-21.00
Friday: 07.00-21.00
Saturday: 08.00-14.00
Sunday: 10.00-14.00