How to stretch your chest, accompany this with the bicep and trap stretch video

How to stretch your biceps

This assistance exercise is used to correct excessive lifting of the feet during the transition under the bar and helps to address any unwanted movement forwards or backwards. Due to the fact that the feet remain in contact with the floor the entire time, turnover speed is improved by allowing the athlete to pull quicker…

A very simple protein ball recipe! Less than 5 minutes preparation time and super tasty

Forced reps: a method that requires a spotter to help assist past the point of failure. Here is Perdita performing 1 rep at 45kg on her own, I then assist her to push out another 4 reps. Try using forced reps on one of your exercises once or twice a month to push through a…

120kg at 84kg bodyweight

Finishing the end of the Smolov base cycle. Testing on both the Friday and Saturday she ended up hitting a 110kg squat and 55kg bench press at 67kg bodyweight

Zara achieving a 105kg squat, 57.5kg bench and 150kg deadlift in the 80kg Unequipped class

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