Q – Is it only athletes that train at your gym?
A – No. We have members from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes that equally train at Fit Performance.

Q – Can anyone be accepted in the gym?
A – Anybody over the age of 16 (subject to parental permission) is welcome to membership at Fit Performance. A health questionnaire will need to be completed upon sign up.

Q – Do I get a gym induction?
A – As well as the great service and attention to detail you get with our personal training and silver/gold memberships, you’re also entitled to a 30min induction. If you’d like some guidance or supervision during your first session in the gym, let us know what you sign up.

Q – Can you assist with diet and weight loss?
A – Absolutely. As part of the personal training programme, all nutrition advice comes as standard. At Fit Performance, we pride ourselves on not offering a quick “fad” fix. Regular training combined with healthy eating habits is the key to success and an optimum lifestyle.

Q – What is the atmosphere like at the gym?
A – At Fit Performance, we are happy to promote a very community based, social gym with a relaxed atmosphere. Members often compliment us on how happy they are to train in an enjoyable environment.

Q – Is there parking?
A – Yes, we are on an industrial estate with a very big car park offering plenty of spaces.

Q – Can females train there?
A – Absolutely! We believe that females shouldn’t train any differently to males. In fact, we almost have a 50:50 ratio of men to women making for a place where women aren’t intimidated.

Q – Does the gym get busy?
A – As with all gyms, the busiest periods are in the evenings when most people finish work. However, due to our extensive equipment range, you should never have a problem training. Our friendly members are also more than happy to share apparatus should it be in use.

Q –Do you do off peak membership?
A – Although we do not offer off peak membership prices, we are the only gym to offer membership options which include personal training and physiotherapy sessions

Q – As a woman, I’m worried about getting big if I lift weights?
A – This is arguably one of the biggest misconceptions about weight training. It is very difficult to get “big” as a woman due to a number of factors such as hormones and the sheer time it takes to develop muscle. Instead, weight training will provide you with the tight, sculpted physique you desire.