A simple yet effective warm up to mobilise and prepare the body and mind for the workout to come. You could foam roll before this maximise your movement!

One-to-one on the kettlebells with Wayne. This was 6 weeks out from his K1 Kickboxing fight, a rematch with an opponent he narrowly lost to last year. I’m pleased to say he won his rematch!

LANDMINE EXERCISES The landmine setup is useful for a variety of standing exercises allowing you to produce horizontal and rotational forces, as opposed to just vertical forces. These are particularly useful for sports involving throwing, striking, or acceleration. These exercises are not so gimmicky as to prevent you from utilising moderate loads and/or high speeds,…

Snatch balance and heaving snatch balance for weightlifting development

Here’s a few exercises demonstrating explosive exercises under lighter loads than weightlifting movements. These were selected to focus on landing mechanics to maintain a stable hip, knee and ankle, which is a key foundation for jumping and plyometrics. The plyometrics were focussed on ankle stiffness to get a good return of elastic energy. This was…

Mike discusses exercises for athletes with limited movement skills and flexibility looking to develop power, strength and control

How to correct a hip shift when back squatting

An interview with Gianni Frankis and Julz Adeniran (Hurdles athletes) with a funny twist. Much of this footage had to be cut as I just couldn’t keep a straight face so apologies but hopefully you will enjoy a more light hearted approach towards the interview

A brief video explaining common knee pains during a squat and how to resolve this including anterior, medial and lateral knee pain.

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