In an ideal world, everyone would have a personal trainer for every session. At Fit Performance we strive to give our clients independence and confidence, but there is always that little something that a qualified, experienced coach could contribute. The reasons people come to us for private sessions include: • Knowledge and Programme Design •…

Competition footage of the lifts today at Fit Performance Gym in Essex. Enjoy and we look forward to hosting the next one!

An interview with Gianni Frankis and Julz Adeniran (Hurdles athletes) with a funny twist. Much of this footage had to be cut as I just couldn’t keep a straight face so apologies but hopefully you will enjoy a more light hearted approach towards the interview

Week of training from 1st December to 5th December 2014. Olympic lifting has gradually be getting better over the past 3 months with PB’s being hit each time I test… Looking forward to competing in January with British Weightlifting.

Attempted my max day after a 6 week program I created. I managed PB’s on both lifts with an extra 7.5kg on the snatch and 2.5kg on the C&J. Happy days!

Coach Aaron and Ramsey give a brief introduction to weightlifting and how we might teach these lifts to a beginner.

Annabel demonstrates a few exercises to help target glutes and hamstrings…ideal for the ladies wanting to shape up their behind!

A brief video discussing the difference between an RDL (Romanian deadlift) and Stiff legged deadlift. There isn’t much difference except the stiff legged deadlift is done from the floor and an RDL remains off the floor keeping the hamstrings under constant tension.

An overview of my workout today. Music makes the workout seem powerful!

A quick video on how to combat shoulder pain when training.

This video just explains the benefits to doing an ice bath after exercise or activity for recovery.

Following on from my video on training variables I discuss advanced principles: – Forced Reps – Rest/Pause – Eccentric – Supersets – Drop Sets – Pre-Exhaustion – Partial Reps – Isometrics

Discussing the training variables for -Power -Strength -Hypertrophy -Endurance

Coach Aaron and Ramsey fire questions at each other. In this episode: – opinion of crossfit – number 1 mistake people make when training – most effective exercise – quick diet fix – how important is the mind – best programme for a beginner looking to get strong

A brief video explaining common knee pains during a squat and how to resolve this including anterior, medial and lateral knee pain.

This video addresses some of the most commonly seen squat issues including: – Forward lean of the torso – Knee valgus – Hips shooting back – Bar path trajectory

A short kettlebell workout with maximum effectiveness. Workout is as follows: 25 V Sits 50 Snatches (25 right, 25 left) 25 Push Ups 50 Swings 50 Burpees 50 Clean and Press (25 right, 25 left) 50 Mountain Climbers

A good way to learn the Snatch or warm up prior to weightlifting. Progressions are as follows: 1) Behind neck snatch grip press 2) Overhead squat 3) Slow snatch balance 4) Snatch balance 5) Snatch rotation 6) Hang power snatch 7) 1st Pull deadlifts 8) Power snatch 9) Snatch

A great day at Brentwood Barbell with many of the lifters from Fit Performance Gym attempting their first powerlifting competition. A very big well done as most of them achieved personal bests and are very enthusiastic to lift again soon!

A great day at Fit Performance Gym Essex with a few of the members attempting their first Olympic Lifting competition and achieving some new PB’s. The rules were not extremely strict so you will see a few press outs etc but good fun none the less. Results: Sujit 40/60/100 at 84.1kg BW David 70/95/165 at…

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