Hotel Holiday Workout

Yes… That is my super cool Buffalo Bill Disney hat!!

No…. This isn’t my interpretation of the YMCA video!!

We all go on holiday from time to time, and we all love to use it as an excuse for eating bad food and doing zero exercise!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a break from a vigorous training routine every now and again, but please don’t lie to yourself and say:

“I can’t train because my hotel doesn’t have a gym”

Stop with all the excuses and get your lazy butt doing some work!

Here’s a quick and simple workout that I just made up that you can follow. And just so you know, this hotel actually has a gym but it’s so bad, I’ll get a better workout using just my bodyweight!

Circuit basics:
– Cardio exercise, lower body exercise, upper body exercise, trunk exercise
(Doesn’t have to be in that order but this is an easy format to use that works the whole body)

– Do exercises for either time or reps
Beginners 5-10 reps or 10-20 seconds
Intermediate 10-15 reps or 20-30 seconds
Advanced 15-20 reps or 30-40 seconds

– Manipulate rest periods between exercises and/or circuits
Beginners 10-20 seconds between exercises and 1-2 minutes between circuits
Intermediate 5-10 seconds between exercises and 30-60 seconds between circuits
Advanced 0-5 seconds between exercises and 0-30 seconds between circuits

Repeat the circuit as many times as you wish. A good target is between 3-6 depending on your fitness level.

Enjoy your holidays but don’t be lazy or slip into bad habits by not being active!

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