A simple yet effective warm up to mobilise and prepare the body and mind for the workout to come. You could foam roll before this maximise your movement!

Zara smashing some more PB’s tonight with a 135kg, 140kg and then a massive 145kg .

Zara and Aaron looking good for future competitions with some block pulls and snatches

One-to-one on the kettlebells with Wayne. This was 6 weeks out from his K1 Kickboxing fight, a rematch with an opponent he narrowly lost to last year. I’m pleased to say he won his rematch!

Steph hitting some strength work

Ramsey competing at LSE 3, lifting some great PBs, qualifying for the British Senior Championships. Well done!

Paused Snatches and the 1st Pull Ultimately the aim of the first pull is to guide the bar into an optimal hang position, feeding into an explosive second pull. It’s a common mistake to try and use the first pull to increase the speed of the bar; a great idea in theory, but if rushing…

Mundy is one of our most dedicated and hard working lifters, and this has paid of with a paused bench all-time PB and a deadlift PB too! This is after great results at the last Fit Performance powerlifting meet and is the last testing before the next powerlifting meet at the end of October!

Jon had his first session learning to snatch today and I pleasantly surprised with how well he picked it up considering weightlifting is completely new to him! Here he is snatching 45kg and 50kg Well done mate

A brief update of members’ progress over the months of April/May. This was a busy time, with preparation for the powerlifting events in June and people getting into their summer shapes…plus a few others grinding and making progress! Well done to everyone featured!

**Y T Raises** This exercise is great for those of you looking to improve your posture. It also serves as a warm up for the bench press as keeping your shoulders pinned back is important for proper benching. By working on scapular retraction, Y T raises help to stabilise the shoulders. This can help for…

A great day for the Fit Performance lifting squad competing in the GBPF regionals. Claire Barclay (84+) Squat 80, 85, 90x Bench 52.5, 55, 57.5x Deadlift 105, 110, 115 A great total for Claire with PB’s in both squat and deadlift! I know she was super happy with her lifting today and has been working…

Band deadlifts are a great tool to help improve a lifters start position, transition and lockout. The most commonly seen use of bands in deadlifts are when the bands are attached to a board or floor directly BELOW the bar making the load heavier as the lifter deadlifts. This approach works in a similar way…

The 3-position clean, as demonstrated here, is simply 3 cleans performed from 3 different starting positions. For example, from the floor, from the knee and from mid thigh. This exercise has two key purposes: Firstly, it forces the athlete to generate more power from a less advantageous hang position. This is also made harder given…

LANDMINE EXERCISES The landmine setup is useful for a variety of standing exercises allowing you to produce horizontal and rotational forces, as opposed to just vertical forces. These are particularly useful for sports involving throwing, striking, or acceleration. These exercises are not so gimmicky as to prevent you from utilising moderate loads and/or high speeds,…

Hotel Holiday Workout Yes… That is my super cool Buffalo Bill Disney hat!! No…. This isn’t my interpretation of the YMCA video!! We all go on holiday from time to time, and we all love to use it as an excuse for eating bad food and doing zero exercise! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s…

Snatch balance and heaving snatch balance for weightlifting development

Paused Squats A simple but super effective way to improve your squat! Taking your regular squat set up, squat down until you’re just below parallel (powerlifting depth) or until your glutes and hamstrings touch your calves (weightlifting depth). From there, pause anywhere from 1-7 seconds and then forcefully push the floor down and stand up…

The Glute Bridge Arguably the best glute exercise ever! Here’s a simple 3 stage progression to hit your glutes hard Any questions then do not hesitate to ask. Like the video and give it a share if you know someone with weak glutes!

Eccentric reps to bust through a plateau, help add strength and control to a movement, as well as potentially add size… But be prepared to be sore!

Using the glutes effectively when performing a Romanian Deadlift is very important if trying to get the most bang for your buck with overall strength development. Here’s a video to show you how to push your hips through at the top of the movement and maximise glute and hamstring involvement

Here’s a few exercises demonstrating explosive exercises under lighter loads than weightlifting movements. These were selected to focus on landing mechanics to maintain a stable hip, knee and ankle, which is a key foundation for jumping and plyometrics. The plyometrics were focussed on ankle stiffness to get a good return of elastic energy. This was…

High Protein Blueberry Muffins Ingredients list: – 4 eggs – 2 bananas – 2 scoops vanilla whey protein – Blueberries – Coconut oil 1) blend 4 eggs, 2 bananas and 2 scoops of whey 2) heat coconut oil in a mug in the microwave until melted 3) brush the coconut oil in the muffin tray…

The Fit Performance squad had a mixed result at this weekends BDFPA nationals this weekend 27/28th February 2016. Most of the squad had a great day with competition PB’s being hit! Unfortunately 2 of the girls bombed out, Steph on her squat, and Annabel on her bench (which was an extremely dubious decision as you’ll…

Regional BDFPA competition 12th and 13th December 2015 Great day for the team. I missed Karen’s and Sylvia’s first two lifts but the rest of the lifts are as follows: Karen Evans (80kg M1) Squat: 65, 70, 75x Bench: 50, 55x, 55x Deadlift: 92.5, 97.5, 102.5 Sylvia Poulter (90kg M4) Squat: 70, 75, 80 Bench:…

31/10/15 competition at the London South East Championships in Crystal Palace! Bex (58kg cat) Snatch – 48, 52x, 52x C&J – 68, 71, 75x Aaron (85kg cat) Snatch – 104, 109, 111 C&J – 130, 135, 139 Ramsey (94kg cat) Snatch – 105x, 108, 112x C&J – 140, 148x, 148x

Mike discusses exercises for athletes with limited movement skills and flexibility looking to develop power, strength and control

03/10/15 Great day at LSE competition in Crystal Palace. Numbers as follows: Rhys Snatch 70,74x,75x Clean and jerk 86x,86,93x Ash Snatch 93,98,101 Clean and jerk 116x,116x,116 Aaron Snatch 103,108,113x Clean and jerk 131,136x,137

How to correct a hip shift when back squatting

Powerlifting competition at Brentwood Barbell Club on 25/7/15 Well done to those who lifted: Karen Evans Squat: 57.5, 62.5, 67.5X Bench: 47.5, 52.5X, 52.5X Deadlift: 82.5, 87.5, 92.5 Sylvia Poulter Squat: 60, 67.5, 70 Bench: 32.5, 37.5, 40X Deadlift: 95, 102.5, 105 Steph Poulter Squat: 80, 85, 90X Bench: 45, 52.5, 55X Deadlift: 100, 110,…

Mix 2 eggs, 1 scoop of vanilla whey, 1 banana and some oats in a blender. Add to a hot pan to cook and enjoy the outcome!

Some of the Fit Performance and Belhus lifters competing at Bethnal Green 18/07/2015

Absolutely amazing session tonight from Zara! PBs on all 3 lifts. In just seven weeks her lifts have progressed: Squat 112.5kg to 127.5kg Bench 57.5kg to 65kg Deadlift 155kg to 160kg Didn’t quite have the 132.5kg squat in her today, nor the 170kg deadlift but none the less, she has added 27.5kg total to her…

On Sunday June 21st we held our first open Weightlifting competition complete with 3 referees, lights, trophies and even a master of ceremonies! We invited CrossFit Medway, Belhus WLC and our own members to come together and compete in a fun atmosphere. Everyone had a great time with lot’s of PB’s achieved all round. We…

On Sunday June 21st we held our first open Weightlifting competition complete with 3 referees, lights, trophies and even a master of ceremonies! We invited CrossFit Medway, Belhus WLC and our own members to come together and compete in a fun atmosphere. Everyone had a great time with lot’s of PB’s achieved all round. We…

On Sunday June 21st we held our first open Weightlifting competition complete with 3 referees, lights, trophies and even a master of ceremonies! We invited CrossFit Medway, Belhus WLC and our own members to come together and compete in a fun atmosphere. Everyone had a great time with lot’s of PB’s achieved all round. We…

Weightlifting competition at Belhus weightlifting club 17/05/15

A friendly powerlifting meet we held. This video shows the deadlift only

A friendly powerlifting meet we held. This video shows the bench press only

A friendly powerlifting meet we held. This video shows the squats only  

A video showing multiple exercises that can be performed to activate and work the glute muscles

How to stretch your chest, accompany this with the bicep and trap stretch video

How to stretch your biceps

This assistance exercise is used to correct excessive lifting of the feet during the transition under the bar and helps to address any unwanted movement forwards or backwards. Due to the fact that the feet remain in contact with the floor the entire time, turnover speed is improved by allowing the athlete to pull quicker…

A very simple protein ball recipe! Less than 5 minutes preparation time and super tasty

Forced reps: a method that requires a spotter to help assist past the point of failure. Here is Perdita performing 1 rep at 45kg on her own, I then assist her to push out another 4 reps. Try using forced reps on one of your exercises once or twice a month to push through a…

120kg at 84kg bodyweight

Finishing the end of the Smolov base cycle. Testing on both the Friday and Saturday she ended up hitting a 110kg squat and 55kg bench press at 67kg bodyweight

Zara achieving a 105kg squat, 57.5kg bench and 150kg deadlift in the 80kg Unequipped class

Enjoying the sun and picking on people

Adam takes some weight for a walk and flips a tyre, Josh builds some jerk boxes, I fail 106kg snatch but hit a PB 126kg clean and jerk and Annabel performs 90kg squats for 10 sets of 3

Amazing seminar delivered by one of the worlds greatest lifters. So many things learnt and we look forward to using the new found knowledge in our training

Natalie preparing her self for her first powerlifting competition in a few months. She is pleased hence the little jump at the end Squat – 55kg Bench – 40kg Deadlift – 87.5kg

59 year old Sylvia attempting her maxes in the squat, bench and deadlift. Still a long way to go but considering she had never touched a weight until a few months ago, she has made fantastic progress. Squat – 50kg, 57.5kg, 60kg Bench – 30kg, 35kg Deadlift – 85kg, 90kg (didn’t get it due to…

How to stretch your upper traps to release tension and help with headaches

Footage of the BDFPA regionals with many of our lifters competing for the first time

Kettlebell; squats, clean and press, swings, burpee’s, snatch and skipping

A quick tip showing an exercise to strengthen weak glutes and help with knee adduction

Competition footage of the lifts today at Fit Performance Gym in Essex. Enjoy and we look forward to hosting the next one!

An interview with Gianni Frankis and Julz Adeniran (Hurdles athletes) with a funny twist. Much of this footage had to be cut as I just couldn’t keep a straight face so apologies but hopefully you will enjoy a more light hearted approach towards the interview

Week of training from 1st December to 5th December 2014. Olympic lifting has gradually be getting better over the past 3 months with PB’s being hit each time I test… Looking forward to competing in January with British Weightlifting.

Attempted my max day after a 6 week program I created. I managed PB’s on both lifts with an extra 7.5kg on the snatch and 2.5kg on the C&J. Happy days!

Coach Aaron and Ramsey give a brief introduction to weightlifting and how we might teach these lifts to a beginner.

Annabel demonstrates a few exercises to help target glutes and hamstrings…ideal for the ladies wanting to shape up their behind!

A brief video discussing the difference between an RDL (Romanian deadlift) and Stiff legged deadlift. There isn’t much difference except the stiff legged deadlift is done from the floor and an RDL remains off the floor keeping the hamstrings under constant tension.

An overview of my workout today. Music makes the workout seem powerful!

A quick video on how to combat shoulder pain when training.

This video just explains the benefits to doing an ice bath after exercise or activity for recovery.

Following on from my video on training variables I discuss advanced principles: – Forced Reps – Rest/Pause – Eccentric – Supersets – Drop Sets – Pre-Exhaustion – Partial Reps – Isometrics

Discussing the training variables for -Power -Strength -Hypertrophy -Endurance

Coach Aaron and Ramsey fire questions at each other. In this episode: – opinion of crossfit – number 1 mistake people make when training – most effective exercise – quick diet fix – how important is the mind – best programme for a beginner looking to get strong

A brief video explaining common knee pains during a squat and how to resolve this including anterior, medial and lateral knee pain.

This video addresses some of the most commonly seen squat issues including: – Forward lean of the torso – Knee valgus – Hips shooting back – Bar path trajectory

A short kettlebell workout with maximum effectiveness. Workout is as follows: 25 V Sits 50 Snatches (25 right, 25 left) 25 Push Ups 50 Swings 50 Burpees 50 Clean and Press (25 right, 25 left) 50 Mountain Climbers

A good way to learn the Snatch or warm up prior to weightlifting. Progressions are as follows: 1) Behind neck snatch grip press 2) Overhead squat 3) Slow snatch balance 4) Snatch balance 5) Snatch rotation 6) Hang power snatch 7) 1st Pull deadlifts 8) Power snatch 9) Snatch

A great day at Brentwood Barbell with many of the lifters from Fit Performance Gym attempting their first powerlifting competition. A very big well done as most of them achieved personal bests and are very enthusiastic to lift again soon!

A great day at Fit Performance Gym Essex with a few of the members attempting their first Olympic Lifting competition and achieving some new PB’s. The rules were not extremely strict so you will see a few press outs etc but good fun none the less. Results: Sujit 40/60/100 at 84.1kg BW David 70/95/165 at…

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