A great day for the Fit Performance lifting squad competing in the GBPF regionals.

Claire Barclay (84+)
Squat 80, 85, 90x
Bench 52.5, 55, 57.5x
Deadlift 105, 110, 115
A great total for Claire with PB’s in both squat and deadlift! I know she was super happy with her lifting today and has been working really hard to get this far!

Samantha Bunker (72)
Squat 97.5, 102.5, 105x
Bench 45, 47.5x, N/A
Deadlift 120, 125, 127.5x
Competition PB’s for Sam in the squat and deadlift. A third attempt wasn’t taken in the bench and the final deadlift was so close! Her nerves were much better than usual this competition which allowed her to smash out her numbers.

Karen Evans (84)
Squat 80, 85, 90
Bench 50, 52.5, 55
Deadlift 105, 110x, 110
Almost 9 out of 9 lifts for Karen and it certainly would have been had she not put the bar down before the command was given in her second deadlift! Great effort and PB’s in all lifts!

Paul Barclay (120)
Squat 190, 200, 205x
Bench 160, 170, 177.5
Deadlift 230, 247.5, N/A
A superb effort from Paul! He needed 625 to qualify for nationals which was looking ropey after he hurt his knee on his first attempt on squats! Despite this we took the needed 17.5kg jump to 247.5kg in the deadlift giving him qualifying totals with PB’s in ALL lifts!!

Annabel Berry (72)
Squat 105, 112.5, 117.5
Bench 52.5, 57.5, 62.5x
Deadlift 122.5, 130, 135
8/9 lifts for Annabel with PB’s in squat and deadlift! Annabel had been chasing 117.5 squat for some time so nice to see it completed today!

Charlotte Macphearson (63)
Squat 100, 105x, 105x
Bench 62.5, 67.5, 72.5
Deadlift 75, 90, 100
Charlotte had been suffering from a bad back which shown in her squats with 2 failed attempts and her deadlift with her having to drop her openers by 35kg!! However, her bench press was amazing and I know doubt believe all her numbers will increase drastically once her back is fully recovered!

Rebecca Edwards (72)
Squat 90, 95x, 95x
Bench 40, 45, 47.5x
Deadlift 100, 105x, 105x
An amazing effort from Becky considering it was her first competition! With some technique adjustments, she is clearly capable of lifting much more in the future!

Martin Ryan (105)
Squat 220, 230, 240x
Bench 120, 130x, 130
Deadlift 230x, 235, 242.5
Martin had a good day with a matched PB in the bench and a new PB in the deadlift. He was likely to have benched more but wasn’t given the start command on his second attempt as his heels weren’t fully on the floor. After borrowing some lifting shoes from Reece, he was able to rectify the problem and hit 130!

Reece Pearce (93)
Squat 200, 207.5, 212.5
Bench 135, 142.5x, 147.5
Deadlift 220, 230, 240x
Reece smashed his squats with both PB’s in his second and third attempts! He failed his second bench due to racking it before the command was given and the 240 just wasn’t quite there today!

Superb effort from everyone and it’s truly a pleasure having all the guys lift with us!!

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