3x week hypertrophy

8 Week Beginner Bodybuilding Programme

If you are new to weight training and want to shape up, build muscle and lose fat, then try our completely free Hypertrophy programme!

The rules:
– Complete each workout on alternating days throughout the week i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

– If the reps decrease on a weekly basis, then try to increase the weight. When the reps return back to higher numbers, then increase weight from what you did before. For example, if looking at the back squat:
week 1 3×10 at 100kg
week 2 3×8 at 105kg
week 3 3×6 at 110kg
week 4 3×10 at 105kg

– If the reps increase on a weekly basis, then maintain the same weight and try to squeeze out those extra reps. When the reps decrease again you can increase the weight. For example, if looking at the EZ bicep curl:
week 1 3×10 at 30kg
week 2 3×12 at 30kg
week 3 3×15 at 30kg
week 4 3×10 at 35kg

Make sure the weight you choose is heavy enough so that the last few reps are a struggle, and keep all movements controlled to ensure your muscles are burning by the end.

Remember, there are many different methods to increase lean muscle mass but this is a simple 3 x per week full body training method that will work until you are ready to move on to more advanced programming which we shall be posting soon.

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