Personal Trainer
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As a Strength and Conditioning Coach specialising in Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, Aaron (www.abspersonaltraining.com) excels in the field of strength training and prides himself in getting results for his clients.

Currently delivering Weightlifting sessions to Seevic College and having previously operated for Thurrock Rugby Club Women’s team and Billericay Rugby Club, he is known for his passion in strength and conditioning, as well as his no nonsense approach when it comes to achieving someone’s true potential. Aaron’s services are next to none. In fact, Aaron is so confident that his training systems work, that if you can follow everything he asks, he GUARANTEES you success!


Sports Therapy BSc Hons
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A Sports Therapist providing a wide variety of treatments to improve, maintain and physically rehabilitate you back to your pre-injury state. Recognised for her versatility and strict approach in rehabilitating injuries in different sports and positions, she guarantees rapid recovery. Steph will not just focus on a single problem area, instead she maintains to recognise, correct, treat and educate you on weaknesses and malfunctions you may have to make you the strongest mentally and physically to excel your recovery.

Steph is well respected in her field, currently working at West Ham United Football Club and Southend Rugby Club. She has taken her work abroad and all over the UK, you can guarantee if you have an injury, or need a good massage to work out a tense area that Steph will excel beyond your expected results.

Sean Gouldsmith

Personal Trainer
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As an extreme sports enthusiast, Sean understands that no matter what sports you’re interested in, a structured gym routine can help. Specialising in body building and body transformation, Sean can help you with an enjoyable workout that helps you reach your goals and gain the physique you desire.


Sports Therapy BSC HONS
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Hannah is a Sports Therapist who graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2011 and currently works at Southend Rugby club.

She offers treatment and rehabilitation to a wide variety of sports injuries and aims to restore clients to their pre injury state in the quickest and safest possible way. Even if it is just tense muscle you need working on to help you better yourself in your chosen sport, then Hannah provides sports massage to help you.


Personal Trainer, ASCC, BSC HONS
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Mike is an accredited strength and conditioning coach with the UK governing body for strength and conditioning (UKSCA), and has just completed a degree in Strength and Conditioning Science. Over the course of his degree Mike worked with a range of athletes including kayakers, basketball players, footballers, golfers, Olympic weightlifters and tennis players, across a variety of different ages and skill levels. Mike has also presented workshops introducing strength and conditioning and the basics of strength training and healthy living.

A former kickboxing instructor, Mike understands that sometimes it’s about getting a sweat on, sometimes it’s about lifting serious weight, and sometimes it’s about getting fast. Other times it’s about nailing the basics. Most importantly, it’s ALWAYS about enjoyment, achievement, and hard work.